Hot Brazilian Bikinis

There's nothing like strolling down the beach in a hot Brazilian bikini. You've worked hard to get this body, and the stares you get are the perfect vindication for all that hard work.

Brazilian bikinis

No one can say for sure when the first Brazilian bikini came along. The bikini itself was first seen in 1946, created by Louis Reard, a French engineer. It was named for the Bikini Atoll, site of U.S. government nuclear testing. Reard believed that his invention would cause as much furor as a nuclear explosion, and he was definitely right! World War II had just ended, and prosperous times were ahead for America. That meant more vacations, and tons more women buying swimsuits. The industry boomed and hasn't slowed down much in the time since then.

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Many different styles of swimsuits can be considered Brazilian, as there is no clear definition of what Brazilian bikinis really are. Some offer less coverage, some offer more, but they're all designed to put all eyes on you as you're strolling down that beach.

Brazilian Bikini Photos: